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Ballpoint pen

128/300 STABILO GREENstyle


The target group

All those who want their advertising campaign to reach environmentally conscious users who value design and comfort.

The pen

Stylish ballpoint pen made from 81% recycled plastic with tried-and-tested X20 refill and convenient, extra wide push-button. Shaft in light grey, can be combined with a unicolor top in one of 4 trendy colors.

The advantages

Advertise with a green conscience – impressive variants and customising options ensure a unique look.

From 5,000 pcs. in pantone colors. Colors are almost exactly hit.

(from 1000 pcs.)
  •  1000
  •  2500

From 5000 Pcs. Farbauswahl

  • Siebdruck Siebdruck
  • TampondruckTampondruck
    on the shaft
    Screen printing (70.0x37.4mm)
    on the clip
    Pad printing (30.0x5.5mm)

I have the following comments/wishes/feedback:

  • 128/131 STABILO style color softtouch
    128/131 STABILO style color softtouch
  • 128/135 STABILO style white
    128/135 STABILO style white
  • 128/136 STABILO style white softtouch
    128/136 STABILO style white softtouch
  • 128/137 STABILO style frozen
    128/137 STABILO style frozen
  • 128/132 STABILO style metal
    128/132 STABILO style metal