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A cool style in a wide variety! With a stylish look and great variety, the STABILO style ballpoint pen will impress modern target groups with high demands on design and comfort.

The STABILO style stands out thanks to its modern design and comfortable, extra-wide push-button. The push-button ballpoint pen also boasts an impressive jumbo reservoir.

With regard to its possibilities for customisation, the STABILO style ballpoint pen has been optimised to become a master of transformation. The plastic version is available fully coloured, with a white shaft and colourful top, and in our “frozen” look. The elegant metal variety with a metal shaft and colourful top is particularly eye-catching. Transparent elements and a soft-touch finish can also be added. The choice between a plastic and metal clip offers freedom for more individuality.

Up to 5 modern and friendly standard colours are available. The STABILO style is available in a customised colour from 5,000 pieces. The promotional message can be on the shaft and plastic clip and can also be refined with relief printing.

STABILO style – an impressive promotion product thanks to its variety and design in friendly colours.

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