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Ballpoint pen

128/130 STABILO style color


The target group

Anyone who wants their advertising campaign to
reach modern users who value design and comfort.

The pen

Stylish plastic ballpoint pen with a high-quality, jumbo reservoir and with comfortable, extra wide push-button. Available in 5 popular colors. Also available with soft-touch surface.

The advantages

Unique look through impressive variations and customising options like relief print.

YOUR STYLE! Choose your style: Metal or plastic clip.

(from 1000 pcs.)
  •  1000
  •  2500
  •  5000
  •  10000

From 5000 Pcs. Farbauswahl

  • ReliefdruckReliefdruck
  • TampondruckTampondruck
  • Siebdruck Siebdruck
style color
    auf dem Schaft
    Relief printing (70.0x37.4mm)
    on the clip
    Pad printing (30.0x5.5mm)
    on the shaft
    Screen printing (70.0x37.4mm)

I have the following comments/wishes/feedback:

  • 128/131 STABILO style color softtouch
    128/131 STABILO style color softtouch
  • 128/135 STABILO style white
    128/135 STABILO style white
  • 128/136 STABILO style white softtouch
    128/136 STABILO style white softtouch
  • 128/137 STABILO style frozen
    128/137 STABILO style frozen
  • 128/132 STABILO style metal
    128/132 STABILO style metal