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Ballpoint pen

128/42 STABILO concept prestige


The target group

All those who want to reach high-volume writers with an individual combined product.

The pen

Customisable ABS plastic push-button ballpoint pen and soft Santoprene grip zone. All individual parts can be combined in many standard and special colours and materials.

The advantages

Effective advertising surfaces and individual colour combinations allow you to create an individual promotional ballpoint pen for any purpose. The soft grip zone provides essential comfort and long-lasting value for high-volume writers.

  • USP - CONCEPTprestige
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(from 500 pcs.)
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From 5000 Pcs. Farbauswahl

  • TampondruckTampondruck
  • Siebdruck Siebdruck
  • 4c-Digitaldruck4c-Digitaldruck
concept prestige
    on the clip
    Pad printing (28.0x5.0mm)
    on the shaft
    Screen printing (60.0x14.0mm)
    on the shaft in line with clip
    Screen printing (20.0x25.0mm)
    on the clip
    4c digital printing (39.0x7.0mm)

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  • 128/40 STABILO concept fancy
    128/40 STABILO concept fancy
  • 128/400 STABILO GREENfancy
    made of bioplastics
    128/400 STABILO GREENfancy
  • 128/41 STABILO concept fancy neon
    128/41 STABILO concept fancy neon
  • 128/420 STABILO concept frozen
    128/420 STABILO concept frozen