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About Schwan-Stabilo Promotion Products

Schwan-STABILO is an international group of companies with around 4.899 employees worldwide and a total annual turnover of around €685,4m. It comprises of companies focussing on the production and sales of brand-name products for the writing instruments sector, cosmetics products and also for the outdoor sector.

Schwan-STABILO Promotion Products GmbH & Co. KG belongs to the Schwan-STABILO group, and a partner to the national and international advertising industry. STABILO Promotion Products offers writing instruments for target-group-specific advertising with STABILO brand quality.

The STABILO brand represents colourful, ground-breaking products and offers quality, innovation and desirable articles. Writing ergonomics plays as important a role as fashion and trends for STABILO during product development. The range remains attractive and lively thanks to a strong sense of innovation – both in terms of lifestyle and functionality.

Recipients are bound to get lasting and enjoyable use from a brand-name product provided as an advertising gift. STABILO has the right writing instrument for every target group and every type of advertising, with European STABILO brand-quality – thus guaranteeing a long-lasting advertising effect.

As a global brand, STABILO represents the same values all over the world. STABILO’s core markets are in Europe. STABILO is the ideal partner for the implementation of promotional concepts – ranging from country-specific consultations to logistical implementation.

Choosing STABILO Promotion Products means choosing high-quality, unique products which provide a guaranteed positive image transfer and a pleasant sense of being advised by professionals. After all: STABILO has the solutions to inspire you.

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